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Sonoma County RESCO Pilot Project

A summary of pilot project activities

The pilot project consists of several renewable energy generation components for the Sonoma County water system that together demonstrate concepts of renewable generation designed to meet local demand.

The pilot project implements, integrates, and evaluates these technologies:

  • Solar: Existing 500kW at treatment plant meets about 40% of treatment plant load on an annual basis.
  • Wind: New wind system to evaluate viability of wind in Sonoma County. 
  • Geothermal heat pumps:  Use treatment plant recycled water in geothermal heat pumps at treatment plant buildings. Determine how much extra “thermal” capacity that the existing water infrastructure possesses and new water infrastructure would possess.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations: Charging times would be programmed to optimize and level out power draw from the electricity grid and the on-site renewable sources.
  • Farms to Fuels: New organic waste processing facility that processes biogas from chicken manure and generates renewable energy. Construction expected to begin Spring 2012.